“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)
What does lifelong learning mean?
The concept of lifelong learning includes all learning, education, acquisition of knowledge and experience, which takes places between kindergarten age, through higher education until the end of our lives.
Why is it important?
Nowadays learning in adulthood is not only required for professional advancement or for supplementing missing knowledge, but it is an unavoidable obligation for keeping our workplaces and competitiveness.  A successfully obtained new qualification, certification or skill can be the key to our livelihood and secure standard of living. In our modern era, one of the most important things is the development of digital competencies, and this especially crucial for the age group, which participated in education prior to the digital revolution and for those who are not very experienced in the area of digital devices.
How can I benefit?
As workforce, you remain competitive; you can find a new job a lot easier, if it is required due to the changes in your life or decisions you need to take. But there are also a lot more advantages of digital knowledge. In 2016 and 2017 Törökbálint and its micro-region (Tárnok, Sóskút, Diósd and Pusztazámor) in the frame of the Norma Project supported by the Norway Grants established the foundations of a digital town, smart region. The achievements of the above will make the life of the residents of the region a lot easier. In order to benefit from these advantages and services, you also need to keep up with the changes of our world and with development.
How shall I train myself?
You don’t have to think about complicated and expensive things. Your family members, relatives and friends can also help you to explore the digital world and the local governments of our towns also offer various opportunities for expanding our knowledge and provide support in establishing the basic knowledge with respect to various topics. Contact your local government for more information regarding such opportunities.