The distance learning campaign of the NORMA project set the goal of improving the competitiveness of start-up and young enterprises operating in the micro-region. The freely accessible study materials thus contribute to the economic development of the micro-region. The e-learning activity related to the project aims at the capacity development of the Mayor’s Offices in Törökbálint and in the partner towns. In the frame of the project such contents are elaborated, related to the everyday activity of the Office, which support communication with the customers and improve the services offered to the residents and contribute to the smooth operation of the Office and their innovation activity.

For the employees of the Mayor’s Office:

  1. Communication
  • concept of communication, communication model
  • organisational communication, customer service communication
  • customer service codes, customer satisfaction
  • partnership
  • advantages of effective communication
  1. Communication with the colleagues and customers
  • communication, communication types
  •  conditions and tools of effective communication process
  •  consequences of inadequate communication at work
  1. Conflict management
  • communication and conflict management
  • communication tools used in conflict management
  • communication tools related to assertivity
  • communication tools in the process of conflict management
  • conflict management at the work

For Mayor’s Office middle management:

  1. Team work
  • concept of team, team roles
  • personality types, team member types
  • team development model
  • characteristics of an effectively operating team
  • principles of team work
  1. Leadership and organisation development
  2. Project management
  3. Debate/discussion and reasoning techniques
  4. Presentation techniques
  On the other hand the project provides support by providing freely accessible content to small- and medium-sized enterprises operated in partner towns, which can establish the basis of the future success of start-up enterprises. Besides the introduction to entrepreneurship the curriculum also includes marketing and tax studies, furthermore provides information about communication with the local government. By supporting the start-up enterprises, the program contributes to the economic development of the regional-level cooperation.

For entrepreneurs (small- and medium-sized enterprises):

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Tax and financial matters of enterprises
  • Communication with the local governments and representative associations
  • Introduction to marketing