The NORMA project inspects the topic of gender equality in the market context of manpower. In the frame of the project the situation of the employees of the Mayor’s Office is of significant importance, by assessing the opportunities of returning to work, and by the introduction of teleworking based on the learning of the teleworking pilot program. The curriculum developed in the area of distance learning besides the theory of equal opportunities also contains practical tasks in order to establish equal opportunities at work. The Equal Opportunities festival organised for the residents of the area cover not only the situation of women at the labour market, but also other non-equal opportunities related situations. In the frame of personal consultation sessions and with the help of a publication elaborated for this occasion women residents can obtain practical and handy advice. We are equal at work. The goal of the campaign elaborated during the NORMA project is to communicate the significance of gender equality to the labour market, furthermore to support the returning of women to the micro-regional local governments and within the local residents.