In the frame of the NORMA project the collaborating settlements – Törökbálint, Diósd, Tárnok, Sóskút, Pusztazámor – are committed to establish a joint economic development strategy. The result of the common efforts is the so called 5T-modell (5 T stands for the Hungarian word settlement „település”) that builds on the strength of the participating settlements. The model is basically a SMART network of settlements working for sustainable economic development in the micro-region.
The micro-region offers the following services for business partners:
  • settlement decision supporting system;
  • real estate portfolio.
Strength of the micro-region
  • advantageous geographical and regional location - highways, railway lines, railway stations, river-harbor and air port in the close proximity;
  • well developed infrastructure;
  • available development plans;
  • available municipal and privately-owned green-field investment areas for economic development purposes;
  • increase if own resources;
  • collaboration among partner settlements;
  • qualified labor power.

More information for Investors: